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I'm a 23-year-old developer recently graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Class of ’23), with a Computer Science degree. To see the classes I’ve taken at WPI, click here.

I'm most active on my blog, over at rvrx.dev

Resume File:

Job Experience

Software Engineer Intern, MojoTech

May 2022 - Aug 2022

Joined intern team in development of company’s open-source web applications. Apps were built in Elixir with the Phoenix framework. Git style was atomic commits with regular rebasing to keep a clean git tree. Helped peer-review other interns pull requests before they were allowed to merge into production branch.

Digitization Program Volunteer, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Clark University

Jun 2020 - Present

Helped small business clients decide on the web builder that fit their budget and met their needs. Worked directly with the clients in small teams of 2-3 and created new or updated websites for the clients. Arranged transfer of domain ownership from previous webmasters to new site. Educated clients on the use of their new website so that they would understand its operation after our team moved on.

Computer Lab Assistant, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Oct 2019 - Present

Use knowledge of computer systems to work with faculty, staff, and students at both the undergrad and graduate levels on day-to-day and maintenance tasks for their, and WPI's, technology. Complete time sensitive projects and communicate with those involved. Research solutions to new and existing problems to streamline operations. Coordinate delivery and pickup of requested machines and instruments for ME and ECE departments.

Library Page, Hazen Memorial Library

Sep 2015 - Aug 2019

Primarily tasked with book shelving, but also carried out general library duties, including assisting patrons with library computers and any questions they might have, library cleanup, weeding of old books, pulling inter-library loans, and other miscellaneous tasks.

IT Assistant, Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School

Jun 2017 - Aug 2019

Offered general IT support to students and teachers, along with technology maintenance tasks such as running new fiber cabling network equipment, replacing and re-imaging hard drives, and cleaning and troubleshooting of school computers, printers, and miscellaneous technology. This position was held full time during the summer, along with occasional weekdays during the school year when the IT team needed help with a time sensitive task.

Store Clerk, Highland Liquors of Worcester

Aug 2021 - Present

Work as a store clerk, manning the register and Mass Lottery system, along with stocking the shelves. Work is done alongside a typical one or two other employees.


Computer Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Class of 2023

GPA of 8.82. Highlighted Classes: Algorithms, Object Oriented Design Concepts (Java), System Programming Concepts (C/C++); See All.

Member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, Computer Science Honor Society.

High School Diploma, Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School

Class of 2019

Independent Senior Project was done on Web Application Development. The project and its details can be found at rvrx.github.io/ParkerProjects. Project written in HTML, CSS, SQL, and PHP, making use of the Slim framework and Twig template engine. Activities and Clubs: Competitor in the Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot program, 2016 – 2019 : Semi-Finalist in 2018 and 2019. Tech Maintenance Club 2016 – 2018. School Service for IT Team in senior year.

Independent Projects


Parker Projects Screenshot
2022 - Present

My blog! Come see what projects I'm working on. Originally made with my own custom static site generator, but then migrated over to 11ty, and finally gave up and just went back to hard-coding everything.

Parker Projects Screenshot
2018 - 2019 (live on github)

A web app to display my peer's Senior Projects. Made using the Twig template engine and Slim PHP framework.

Screenshot of Skyborne.net
2015 - Present

A website for The Skyborne, a Guns of Icarus Online clan.

Screenshot of GoICC.Skyborne.net
2021 - Present

Project website for my Guns of Icarus Caster Companion application.

Current Projects

I'm currently active over on my blog, which can be found on my new website rvrx.dev.

Other Languages

GoI Caster Companion (Desktop Application)
Java, JavaFX, ...

A tool built to help Guns of Icarus (GoI) tournament broadcasters easily manage team names, logos, maps, and timers in their stream overlay.

Grailed+ (Browser Extension)

Enhancements for Grailed.com listings, such as price history and expected price drop date. Available for Firefox, and Chrome.

Mumble Image Resizer

Resizes images to a certain length in Base64, and copies Mumble readable code to clipboard so that they can be sent over Mumble servers with small filesize limits.

Computronics tape-util
Lua (Computercraft)

A group of Utilities for tapes in the Minecraft mod, Computronics.